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A Q&A with DriverReach CEO Jeremy Reymer

February 16, 2022
A Q&A with DriverReach CEO Jeremy Reymer
Written by
Taylor Ellis

Fulcrum has recently invested in DriverReach, a trucking recruiting and compliance management system based in Carmel, Indiana. Learn more about how they are solving the driver shortage directly from Founder & CEO Jeremy Reymer.

What is DriverReach’s mission?

The massive driver shortage, ranked as the American Transportation Research Institute’s number one issue for 5 consecutive years, is exactly why Founder and CEO Jeremy Reymer started DriverReach in 2016. DriverReach is laser-focused on improving drive recruiting and retention to help companies Hire. Better. Faster.

What sets your platform apart from your competitors?

When DriverReach was founded, the driver recruiting industry was in dire need of a new, modern technology offering. Still today, the industry has a single dominant provider which offers legacy technology primarily focused on enterprise carriers.

DriverReach saw a huge need to support driver recruiters moving from either an in-house solution or no solution at all. The company also recognized early on that driver recruiters needed to attract better-qualified candidates who will remain loyal. These challenges, among many others, are why DriverReach’s modern recruiting technology was built from the ground up. The company is constantly investing in R&D and developing new functionality and features in partnership with its ever-growing base of customers.

We understand that better recruiting begins with a better applicant experience. DriverReach’s mobile-friendly employment application is the first step in the streamlined approach to improving the process of qualifying and hiring CDL drivers in a highly regulated industry.

What’s the biggest challenge your team is working on?

CDL driver recruiting is going through one of the toughest transitions in recent memory. In fact, current estimates indicate that nearly a million drivers are needed to meet the growing demand, and the industry is now reliant on CDL driver recruiters to overcome this shortage and increase new applicants.

The problem is that many recruiters have become complacent with ‘just getting by’ in this tumultuous industry climate. But with the rapid advancements in technology paired with greater demands from drivers, this mentality will only serve to disable the industry in the long term.

This massive challenge, affecting literally every single individual in the United States and beyond through the supply chain, is what keeps DriverReach striving to continually uplevel its offering to users across driver recruiting, safety and compliance, human resources, and more.

What is your team’s proudest accomplishment?

Building software that enables success in a challenging environment is rewarding; however, even more rewarding is building a cohesive team that’s aligned towards our mission and our core values and principles. I’m proud of the team we’ve assembled  – our culture is very strong and we’re just getting started!

What were you looking for in a funding partner?

Coming from the trucking industry, we didn’t grow up in a B2B SaaS environment. While we had experience building software, we weren’t as familiar with the SaaS business model. Partnering with a group who not only aligns philosophically and ethically, but also has extensive B2B SaaS operating experience was what we sought in a partner.

Why did you choose Fulcrum?

It was clear early on that Fulcrum checked the boxes for what we were looking for in a partner. Their extensive SaaS operator experience and stellar reputation made it clear that they were the ideal partner.

What’s next for DriverReach?

As we continue to build out our team, we’ll add more of the innovative HR and recruiting technology that exists in more progressive industries (such as auto-scheduling, chat functionality, etc.). We’ll also consider M&A opportunities that complement the driver lifecycle and provide greater value to our customers. There’s also the opportunity to expand into additional verticals – for example, the highly-regulated and labor-challenged nursing and healthcare.

Fulcrum is excited to announce our investment in DriverReach and proud to work with their industry-changing team. To learn more about DriverReach, click here.