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A Q&A with Kobiton

December 2, 2020
A Q&A with Kobiton

“Our goal? To be the most valuable mobile app experience platform in the world.”

Fulcrum has recently invested in Kobiton, the mobile testing platform based in Atlanta, GA. Find out why Kobiton is at the forefront of mobile testing innovation with our exclusive Q&A.

What is Kobiton’s mission?

Kobiton’s mission is to be the most valuable mobile app experience platform in the world. This year $600 billion will be generated by mobile apps, with that number growing to $1 trillion by 2024. The user experience on a mobile app is critical to high-growth businesses and the Kobiton platform gives the businesses actionable insight to see problems before their customers do.

What sets your platform apart from your competitors?

Early on our founders, Vu Lam and Josh Lieberman, along with our CTO, Frank Moyer understood that AI and machine learning will materially disrupt the way software testing is performed.  From the beginning, we’ve invested heavily in those algorithms and honed them to work with mobile apps (rather than web browser apps). These capabilities mean our clients can get new app capabilities or bug fixes to market faster, at a lower cost with greater certainty they work.

What’s the biggest challenge your team is working on?

Recruiting sales talent.  We’re fortunate to be in a high-growth market with a product that is outperforming the competition.  We just can’t hire high-quality sales candidates fast enough.

What is your team’s proudest accomplishment?

Recently it has been the acquisition of one of our competitors, Mobile Labs, Inc.  They brought over 100 blue chip enterprise clients to the company and some exceptional technology that will further extend our lead in the industry.

What were you looking for in a funding partner?

Trust and insight.  Leading a high-growth startup means we’re doing things in our industry that hasn’t been done before.  We’ll make bets and some will prove to be mistakes.  Others will be spot on. We wanted an investment partner, like Fulcrum, that understands that our ability to see into the future isn’t perfect and that attaining our reward of market leadership means taking some risks along the way. We have to trust each other in that we are all pulling our weight and holding each other accountable as we continue to strive to be the best in the world at what we do.

Why did you choose Fulcrum?

Experience in the industry, experience with high growth, Atlanta-based, and Jim Douglass.  From our first discussions, Fulcrum knew the space, the players, the right people and was able to immediately understand the next step we needed to take for even higher growth.

What’s next for Kobiton?

To be the most valuable mobile app experience platform in the world.  We continue to add name-brand mobile-first clients to our roster. As we further expand our platform, we believe we’ll continue to be extremely valuable to the success of these high-growth, mobile-focused companies.

Fulcrum is proud to announce our recent investment into Kobiton in partnership with BIP Capital for their acquisition of Mobile Labs, Inc. To learn more about Kobiton, click here.