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PPM Support System Pillars

June 23, 2020
PPM Support System Pillars
Written by
Chad Hooker

Scaling Physician Practices Part 1. The five pillars of the PPM support organization include patient experience, people, compliance, technology, and marketing. These core themes lay the foundation for multi-site expansion.

Managing all of the administrative and back-office tasks of a multi-site healthcare services practice, especially with a growing and entrepreneurial run practice, can seem like a tall order.  How can clinicians be expected to be focused 100% on clinical quality and excellence while also maintaining all of the business requirements in a world with increased compliance and administrative burden?

The answer is simple – building a platform and investing in the key infrastructure themes depicted in the pillars of PPM support organization graphic below will have a significant impact on cost, quality, and access and organizational readiness to scale.

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